How your painting’s created

Below I have described the process we will go through, working together to create your perfect portrait. Good communication is key so that I can make sure your expectations are met. I also thought you might like to see the different stages of the painting process.

— The process —

Step one

We begin by having an informal chat in advance about any ideas you have, where you would like the portrait to be set, what size, what budget, and the time frame to complete the portrait within. This gives me the opportunity to get to know you or the subject a little better, so together we can share ideas and visualise how your painting could look. We will then arrange a time for your photo shoot or sitting from life.


Step two

I am happy to work from life or photographs, but I do prefer to take my own. It's all part of the creative process and enables me to set my own lighting and make sure we capture a natural and beautiful pose.

A sitting from life can take two to three hours on a regular basis until completion of the portrait. A photo shoot will also take approximately two hours, plus time then for us to go through the images together and for you to choose your favourites. Once you have chosen a photo or pose you are happy with, I will produce a sketch with the final design of  the painting, which you will approve before starting the painting. 


The advantage of using photographs that I have taken is that it will be more convenient for you, saving you many hours sitting for me if I paint you from life.  Alternatively we could combine the two and start the painting from life then use reference photographs I have taken from the sitting. If you would like the entire portrait to be completed from life this would involve several sittings of two/ three hours over several weeks or months, depending on your availability and  requirements and if there is a specific time frame the portrait needs to be completed within. The whole experience will be tailored to fit perfectly with your lifestyle and expectations.


STEP three

When the painting is near completion I will be in touch and email you photos of the painting, including close up detail shots and this will be an opportunity to make any last minute minor adjustments, to make sure you are completely happy with your portrait. The painting will then be allowed to dry and be varnished  before framing and then shipping to you. The whole process can take about three months, but I am also able to work around any specific dates you may have in mind, which we can discuss at the start. 


Work in progress

I've included a sample of some work in progress photos from an earlier painting. 

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