Oil painting by Tina Spratt

Oil painting by Tina Spratt


— The perfect gift —

A timeless memory

Portraits are a perfect way to capture a special moment in your life.

For your wedding, do more than simply capture the day with photographs. There is nothing quite like having a beautiful, original work of art to cherish. Every time you see your painting, you will be able to relive those special memories. 

A portrait is a timeless way of immortalising you and capturing your happiness and love for each other – capturing the soul, personality and subtle details that make each person unique. It will become a treasured family heirloom, enjoyed now and by future generations. 


— Testimonials —

Working with Tina

“As far as being an artist's model – I learned that it is not quite as hard as I expected. The main worry I had was what I look like in an artist’s eyes. Tina was very considerate of my concerns, checking at each phase of the process that we were satisfied. Certainly a very thoughtful, thorough and perfectionist worker and I must say I love the result.”


  "I can highly recommend Tina as I'm sure you can see from her portfolio she has an amazing talent – moreover, when I commissioned Tina to draw my wife, she was very helpful from start to finish. She also made my wife feel comfortable and at ease, which resulted in a truly brilliant picture that captured my wife so well and we are all very pleased with" 


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