— Frequently asked questions —

What mediums do I work in?

I work in oil on linen, or pastel on paper and only use the highest quality archival materials. Both mediums will create a timeless piece of archival quality. The only choice between the two is personal preference or budget — pastels portraits involve less time to create so tend to be less expensive. I can provide samples of both to help you decide and give you the opportunity to see my work in the flesh before commissioning me.

Medium 1:   o  il paint on linen

Medium 1: oil paint on linen

Medium 2:  pastel on paper

Medium 2: pastel on paper

When where?

I recommend planning your portrait for a different day to your wedding as there will already be a lot going on and usually highly organised on a tight time schedule. When we work together, we will require as much time as necessary to discuss ideas, set the pose, the lighting and have a chance to look at the photographs to discuss which ones to develop towards painting. However if this is the day you would prefer then I’m happy to work with you and make it happen. I do find that often brides enjoy the chance to put the dress on again and take the time to capture the beauty and mood and feel special again for a day, how often do you get to wear your wedding dress more than once after all? We will discuss where you would like your portrait to be staged, I can travel to your home or we could revisit your wedding venue, something which could be arranged in advance with them before your big day. I will bring everything I need with me, so really just need you and your dress!


How Long Will It Take?

On average it will take roughly three months to complete an oil painting, this will include drying time and varnishing, followed by framing. Of course this also depends on your reviewing the painting and any last minute minor adjustments, also the number of subjects involved and the complexity of the painting will also determine how long it will take, so this is a guide only. I'll be able to give you a much better idea once we have discussed your requirements. Pastels can be completed within a month and there is no drying time so can also be framed immediately. If you have a deadline you need me to work to, this is no problem I'm used to working towards a specific time frame and handling all the details so that you receive your painting on time.


How far do I travel?

I am happy to travel within the UK, either to your home or a destination of your choice such as your wedding venue. I will bring everything I need with me, so really all we need is you and your dress!



I use high quality hand finished frames, I am happy to advise on framing and will have several samples for you to choose from or alternatively you may prefer to handle that yourself. 


Beautifully hand finished and supplied by expert craftsmen Frinton Frames.



I have a couple of framed paintings available if you would like to see an example of my work before commissioning me, and also give you an idea of the quality of your finished painting. The two examples I have are either in oil on linen or pastel on paper, to help you chose between the two mediums.